Mexican Food Specials

Lunch Specials 11AM - 3PM
Monday: Chimichangas, beef or chicken $4.99
Tuesday: Beef or Chicken Quesadillas $4.99
Wednesday: Burrito Supreme Beef or Chicken $4.99
Thursday: Taco salad $4.99
Friday: 1 Taco with rice & beans $4.99
Early Bird Specials 3PM- 6PM Monday - Friday
Tres Amigos Enchiladas with Three Different Tasty Sauces $7.50
Combo #6- No Espero: 1 Chimichangas, 1 Enchiladas, Rice or Beans $7.50
Combo #2- Pronto: Burrito, 1 Burrito, 1 Taco, 1 Enchilada $7.50
Combo #4- Ahora Mismo: 2 Tacos, Rice or Beans $7.50
Combo #1- Andale: 1 Taco, 2 Enchiladas, Rice or Beans $7.50
$1.00 Dollar Tacos! 3PM-7PM  Monday-Friday
Choose From Beef, Chicken, Pork, Steak, Fish Served with Cilantro, Onion, Cabbage And Lime (Steak, fish and shrimp are $2.00 each)

WI- Fi
We have the best food and drink specials, please join us to find your favorite items on the menu.

We have dollar tacos, early bird specials and drink specials served everyday!

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